DSHS and the state Health Care Authority (HCA) jointly designated Regional Service Areas (RSAs) in June 2015, following legislative authorization in 2014. RSAs define new geographical boundaries for the state to purchase behavioral and physical health care through managed care contracts. They are not administrative authorities. Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs) are located within newly formed Regional Service Areas (RSAs). There is one BHO per RSA, except for the Southwest Washington RSA, which has a contract with the Health Care Authority for managed care plans. RSAs join and include contiguous counties, contain at least 60,000 people on Medicaid, possess an adequate number of health care providers, and reflect natural physical and behavioral health service referral patterns. More information on BHOs is available at this link ( Lifecycle status: ProductionPurpose: enable open access to DSHS dataDSHS Data Security: Category 1 - PublicLast Update: 7/7/2016Update Cycle: as neededData Sources: DSHSFGDC Metadata: DSHS reserves the right to alter, suspend, re-host, or retire this service at any time and without notice. This is a map service that you can use in custom web applications and software products. Your use of this map service in these types of tools forms a dependency on the service definition (available fields, layers, etc.). If you form any dependency on this service, be aware of this significant risk to your purposes. You might consider mitigating your risk by extracting the source data and using it to host your own service in an environment under your control. Typically, DSHS Enterprise GIS staff will provide notification of changes via the "Comments" RSS capability in ArcGIS Online. You may subscribe to the RSS feed that publishes comments to monitor any planned and notified changes.

Dataset Attributes

  • Region number
  • Region name
    {"value"=>"Thurston Mason", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Spokane County Regional", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Southwest Washington", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Salish", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Optum Pierce", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"North Sound", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"North Central", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"King County", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Greater Columbia", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Great Rivers", "count"=>1} ()
  • Service type
    {"value"=>"Behavioral Health Organization", "count"=>10, "code"=>4} ()
  • Date begin
    1459468800000 to 1459468800000
  • Date end

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